Don’t Give Your Power Away

Don’t Give Your Power Away


As one of eight children in an incredibly poor family, who on Earth would have thought that Alice Walker had any power at all?


Circumstances do not determine the person

Alice Walker did. She realized her circumstances did not determine the person she was or the person she could be.


Already set on the right path by parents who made sure she could go to school during a time when most black kids were expected to stay home and work in the fields at a young age, Alice understood other people could not determine the course of her life.


If Alice believed she didn’t have the power to do anything other than work the land she would never have worked hard enough in high school to earn a full scholarship to college.


Recognize your personal power

If she didn’t believe what she had was worthwhile enough to share with others she never would have written the Pulitzer Prize winning The Color Purple.


Coming from nothing to a full life of everything, Alice Walker is living proof that each of us has a well of power inside us. It’s our job to tap it!