How high will YOU climb to get to the TOP?

Jesse Chadwick, a Pure Octane employee who was promoted to trainer in less than a week of working in the entry level position, gave an interesting analogy of the difference between those who are very successful and those who just settle with their careers.

Here’s what the hardworking and driven candidate had to say:

“There’s pullers, there’s people who sit at the bottom of the mountain and there’s people who climb to the top. A puller are the people who are at the bottom of the mountain and they admire the mountain because they think it’s great. The people who climb halfway up the mountain say ‘Wow I made it this far and it’s pretty cool to come up here and see everything down below such as the valleys’. Then there’s the people who go all the way to the top and reach the peak of the mountain. So all the people who work for Andre [at Pure Octane] are the people who are going to the top of the mountain. That’s their goal and that’s what they want to do and they’ll work hard for it.”

So, how would you classify yourself?

Pure Octane employee promoted in less than a week

Jesse Chadwick gives a customer their first-hand experience with the Power Pod 360 which is one of the products Pure Octane helps to market and promote.

It only took Jesse Chadwick four days to be promoted at Pure Octane Talent after he was hired on board last month.

Chadwick accepted an entry level marketing associate position with the firm in October and was bumped up to a trainer in less than a week after he started.

The 29-year-old says the owner of Pure Octane Talent, Andre Zahrebelny, believed in him and therefore wanted to take a chance on him.

“He [Andre] said that I seemed confident so he just wanted to keep moving me through,” Chadwick said. “I enjoy being a trainer because I get to teach people.

“And as you teach, you also learn things about yourself.”

As a trainer, Chadwick helps new employees transition into the entry level position and teaches them how to market and promote their clients’ products to customers during daily showcase events inside Canadian Tire.

“It’s [trainer and entry level position] not just a sales position but it’s a teaching position,” he said. “Whether you are starting in the entry level position or promoted to a trainer, you have to educate costumers on the products that you are promoting.”

Just like many current entry level candidates who are currently working in the showcase event business, Chadwick is certain that he has found the right career path.

After graduating from Centennial College in Toronto for automotive mechanics, he packed his bags and moved to Japan to teach English for a year. He then spent seven more years in the country working in construction, a banquet hall and a bar manager where he trained several other bartenders.

Eight years later, he returned to Toronto and was employed by the Keg Steakhouse & Bar. But he was looking for something more. So he began sending out his resume and landed with Pure Octane Talent.

“I took this job because this company gives you the opportunity to work for yourself and be your own boss,” Chadwick said. “I want to be an owner of my own company for showcase events one day.”

Chadwick also said that he chose Pure Octane because of the variety of customers he meets everyday which keeps him positive.

“There’s so many nice people out there,” he said. “There’s a lot of grumpy ones too but I focus on the ones who are nice to you.

“I think we should take care of those [nice] people and help them out because that’s what the job is about.”

Jobs Fill the Toronto Market

We are so happy to announce that we finally have entry-level jobs in Toronto. After two months creating opportunities in various U.S. markets, it’s great to see our company expand north.

These jobs will be sales and marketing entry-level jobs in the GTA that appeal to fresh graduates searching for real work experience and to jump start their careers. However, if you are looking for a career change, this is also perfect for you!

For now, The Job Window is helping Pure Octane Talent sales and marketing firm recruit. But we will be adding more Canadian marketing firms all over Ontario and the country to our client list in the future

So what are you waiting for? Grab these opportunities now!

You can apply through,, and search “The Job Window” and “Richmond Hill, ON” for the location.

Good luck!