An Interview That’s Lacking

An Interview That's Lacking

Just about all of us have had some good interviews and some not so good ones. If you were to dissect what went wrong at the not so good ones you’d find they were lacking certain things. We’ve compiled a list of them here.


Lack of confidence

Not everyone is born brimming with confidence, but every single one of us can certainly convey confidence. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, don’t fidget, smile and don’t speak a mile a minute. You will appear confident.


Lack of research

If you haven’t done adequate research on the company you are applying for, how can you expect to speak intelligently about the organization or the position? Before stepping into an interview ensure you’ve Googled the company. Check them out on social media. Have a few a few facts about them that you can weave into the discussion.


Lack of preparation

There are certain questions that come up in just about every interview. If you think you can just wing them you are mistaken. Take the time to acquaint yourself with common interview questions then come up with thoughtful, intelligent answers


Lack of listening

Sometimes people get so caught up in what they want to say and how they’re going to answer the questions they expect, they don’t actually hear what the interviewer is saying. Pay close attention to the person in front of you. Ensure you are answering the question they are asking. Get into their headspace and follow their lead in terms of tone and speech pattern. If they are slow speakers, then slow down your speech. If they seem like they’re interested in elaborate, descriptive answers then provide those. If they’re more straightforward and to the point then follow suit.


Lack of enthusiasm

You might by nature be on the quiet side, but it is imperative that you convey your enthusiasm for the job and the company you’re interviewing with. That enthusiasm will come through in your tone of voice and your words. And at the end of the interview when you specifically ask for the job. As obvious as your interest may seem, given that you are sitting there interviewing for the job, it’s important of actually ask for the job. Something along the lines of, “It was a great pleasure meeting you. Given our discussion, I believe I can be a great asset to the company. I look forward to hearing back from you.”

How Much Love Do You Think You Deserve?

How Much Love Do You Think You Deserve?

What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? Accept it graciously? Take it to heart and believe yourself worthy of the praise? Mumble something about not deserving it? Nod your head and tell yourself the person is just being nice or doesn’t really know what they’re talking about?


How you feel about yourself

The fact is, no matter how sincere the compliment, your capacity to accept it is determined by how you feel about yourself. If you feel worthy of praise and love then you will accept what is given to you at face value. If, however you feel inadequate then no amount of validation will help you feel better about yourself.


Self compliments

No matter what, every single one of us is deserving of love and encouragement. In the Huffpost article, The Scary Reason You Can’t Accept A Compliment they say, “You’re bad at taking compliments because you’re out of practice; you never compliment YOURSELF.”


Quiet your inner monologue for a while and write think about some of the things that make you special. You can frame your compliment to yourself as, “I love myself because,”. Don’t think about reasons for anyone else to love you. This is a compliment from you to you. What makes you unique? Why are you a good person? What makes you proud of?


“I love myself because I care deeply about other people and this planet we share.”


“I am really good at making small children laugh.”


Don’t worry, no one else is listening. This is a small gift you are giving yourself. A little reminder that YES you are worthy of love and attention for these reasons.


Deserving of love

Every one of us deserves love. If you have trouble accepting it, start by finding one small part of yourself to love. Open door a crack and the light will shine in!