Out of Proportion Moments

Out of Proportion Moments

Shifting sands of time

How many times have you been kept up all night because of something you said or did in a moment? For me, it’s more times than I can remember.


However, fast forward a little and whatever it was that tied me into such sleepless knots ends up lost to the sands of time.


Variable scale of significance

How often do you feel like you are in the absolutely worst situation of your entire life? Again, for me, too many to keep track of.


Without the great balancer of time to put things into perspective it is easy for us to get pulled into the drama of the moment. To hear the Chicken Little running around inside our heads screaming about the falling sky and believe it.


There sometimes are truly life changing moments. But in general the drama of the moment only feels significant because it is the moment you are then living.


Trapped in a moment

When you have an argument with a friend or associate, or you mess up at work, or you say exactly the wrong thing to a person you are trying to impress it is easy to get trapped in the moment.


You refer to it over and over in your head. It gets endlessly rewound and played  differently in your head as you lament all the things you didn’t say or do.


When you find yourself in an endless loop of regret, take a deep breath. Remind yourself, in the big picture, this mountain is nothing more than a mole hill. In the bigger picture it will become so insignificant as to become invisible.


The moment you are in is a microscope that makes everything seem way bigger than it is. When you find your eye glued to the lens, lift your head and remind yourself your life is more than this moment.